Even the darkest of skies
still have the sparkle of the stars


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During the hardest times of her life, Natalie Winters struggled with what light to seek and what star to wish upon. A Secret Star is a memoir of the horrific stories of her childhood, the abandonment, the abuse, and the absence of love. However, this little girl found that in her darkest of tunnels, she was not alone.

Student, Author, & Motivational Speaker

Krystyne F. Aleksandr is the author of a Secret Star. While pursing her graduate career in Child Neuropsychology at West Texas A&M, Krystyne speaks to many churches, schools, and child advocate associations to share her story and shed light on child abuse, but mostly on survival.

Upcoming Events

May 1st Book signing
2:00pm Amarillo College: 2nd floor of the Union
May 8th Boys Ranch Visit
Aug 3rd Book Signing
12-2pm Canyon Library